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We met halfway across the world and then started a clothing brand.





Our story is much deeper than most people think. We met in Australia when we were both studying and living at Murdoch University in Western Australia. We barely knew each other when we decided to go on an eight-day camping trip together. We bought a very cheap, not built for outdoors tent, and took off. 

When we returned eight days later, we had both found a new best friend. We did a few more road trips before study abroad was over and had quite a few more mishaps together. We learned a lot, saw a lot of cool things, and are now working to protect them. 

We love exploring our home – let's make sure it's around for awhile.


Slacktyde is a clothing brand that focuses on nature while giving back to it. All of our designs are hand-drawn, have a story, and give back to the organization associated with your purchase.

Slacktyde was named after slack water (slack tide), which is the occurrence of still water at the turn of low tide. This is very similar to our reaction to global warming – nothing is moving forward.

Our designs range from the deep ocean to the highest peaks. We tend to gravitate towards endangered species but we are always taking suggestions! If you have a design idea, let us know! 


Once we have selected an animal we are interested in, we dive into the research of why this animal is important, endangered, or needs attention. After we have figured out those factors, we determine an organization that is actively pursuing education, conservation, and research in the same field. 

All of our designs are created using Illustrator on the iPad. After the designs have been digitized and uploaded, they are then printed as orders come in and shipped directly to you. We have been wearing and testing the products for over a year now, and are exceedingly happy with the quality and comfort. They have been worn and washed a lot, but still remain in the weekly rotation. 

Our favorite products.

(We really like hoodies)