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  • Galapagos Conservation Trust

    The Galapagos Whale Shark Project is dedicated to studying the crucial insights into the lives of whale sharks. The Galápagos Islands are one of the several locations that Whale Sharks are known to visit. The majority of sharks that are sighted in the Galapagos Marine Reserve are large mature females, and a large portion appear to be pregnant. Since 2011, the Galapagos Whale Shark Project has tagged over 60 whale sharks in order to record the position of the sharks each time they surface. Your donation to their Endangered Sharks of Galapagos program will help them conserve these gentle giants and learn about them for years to come.

  • World Wildlife Fund

    World Wildlife Fund is committed to doubling the number of wild tigers by securing funds to halt poaching in the 12 most important tiger landscapes, protect tiger habitat, and clamp down harder on illegal tiger trade. In addition to this, the World Wildlife Fund works to secure the large areas of habitat that tigers need to survive long term. Your donation to World Wildlife Fund will help support their global conservation efforts and everything that they do for the tigers.

  • Gumbo Limbo Nature Center

    Gumbo Limbo sit on 20 acres of protected barrier island and provide refuge to many varieties of plants and animals - some rare or endangered. Gumbo Limbo offers quite a bit to the community. They offer school programs, monitor over 1,000 turtle nests a year, rescue, rehabilitate, and release sea turtles. Your donation to Gumbo Limbo will support educational activities, programs, and projects at Gumbo Limbo Nature Center.

  • Environmental Defense Fund

    The Environmental Defense Fund work with members of Congress from both parties to resist attacks against America’s bedrock environmental laws. They’ve played key roles in:
    • Driving the science and advocacy that led to federal action toward reducing climate-harming methane emissions
    • Introducing a management system that has dramatically reduced the amount of overfishing in the United States
    • Persuading companies, such as Walmart and McDonald’s, to adopt environmentally friendly business practices.
    Your donation to Environmental Defense Fund has power. More than half of their operating funds come from people like you, who want groundbreaking approaches to protecting the environment.

  • Great Barrier Reef Foundation

    The Great Barrier Reef Foundation leads the collaboration of business, science, government, and philanthropy, in order to benefit the Reef. They work closely with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to fund priority projects and help protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef. Your donation to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation will help fund their projects, like saving endangered species, restoring precious ecosystems, and more.

  • African Wildlife Foundation

    Africa is home to a lot of important wildlife species that are facing extinction, and African Wildlife Foundation sees this. They are currently working to ensure that wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. African Wildlife Foundation focuses on three areas: wildlife conservation, land and habitat protection, and community empowerment. Your donation to African Wildlife Foundation will help them conserve Africa’s greatest treasure and show your commitment to saving Africa’s wildlife today.

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