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We found it difficult to find outdoor nature clothing that we really liked. Most had tacky designs or showcased nature without contributing to it at all – this is one of the reasons we started Slacktyde. 

Our designs are created with a real-world problem in mind, and then we find an organization that is addressing that problem to receive a portion of the sales. 

This African Elephant long sleeve tee is perfect for those cooler days and supports World Wildlife Fund's global conservation efforts. 

All of our designs are created using an iPad and Apple Pencil, making these designs unique to Slacktyde. 

About Elephants

Elephants are the largest land animals that roam the earth.They can grow to be over seven tons. Their large size, big ears, leathery skin, and large trunks used for feeding are distinctive characteristics of these animals. African elephants have one of the longest pregnancy lengths lasting 22 months but they only give birth every two to four years. They travel in herds with their young and the female elephants hold primary power of the herd. Elephants can live for up to 70 years in their natural habitat but lately, the majority of elephants do not reach this age. According to the IUCN they are listed as vulnerable species with their populations increasing, however, some African Elephant populations are endangered. International markets for ivory trade have caused major issues for elephants since they are hunted for their tusks. Their tusks are very important. Both males and females use their tusks for digging for food and water, as well as rubbing up against trees to strip them from their bark. With only around 400,000 individuals left in Africa, poaching for the ivory trade continues to threaten their population. To protect themselves from poachers. African Elephants have been evolving without tusks, which unfortunately also hurts their species.

Another threat that affects the African elephant population is habitat loss and human conflict. Elephants live in arid desert, savannah grasslands and African plains. As humans continue to spread to areas that were once African Elephant habitat, elephants travel back into these areas destroying crops, entering livestock, farming areas, and villages. This human caused problem negatively affects elephant’s reputation. In order to combat these issues, Slacktyde gives a 10% of the sales for every item sold with the elephant design to the African Wildlife Foundation

What organization your purchase supports

African Wildlife Foundation

Africa is home to a lot of important wildlife species that are facing extinction, and African Wildlife Foundation sees this. They are currently working to ensure that wildlife and wild lands thrive in modern Africa. African Wildlife Foundation focuses on three areas: wildlife conservation, land and habitat protection, and community empowerment. Your donation to African Wildlife Foundation will help them conserve Africa’s greatest treasure and show your commitment to saving Africa’s wildlife today. 

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