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We found it difficult to find outdoor nature clothing that we really liked. Most had tacky designs or showcased nature without contributing to it at all – this is one of the reasons we started Slacktyde. 

Our designs are created with a real-world problem in mind, and then we find an organization that is addressing that problem to receive a portion of the sales. 

This Australia Map tee is perfect for those hotter days, or a great underlayer, and helps RSPCA New South Wales with the damages from the recent bushfires. 

All of our designs are created using an iPad and Apple Pencil, making these designs unique to Slacktyde. 

About Australia 

This collection was dedicated to the bushfires that started in Australia last year. Because this collection is very special to us, we have kept it up and will donate a portion of every sale to RSPCA New South Wales.

What organization your purchase supports


RSPCA NSW cares for abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals around the state. Veterinarians, inspectors, and staff of the RSPCA helped evacuate animals and livestock from affected areas in New South Wales. Your donation to RSPCA NSW will help the animals that were affected by the bushfires in New South Wales, Australia. 

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