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We found it difficult to find outdoor nature clothing that we really liked. Most had tacky designs or showcased nature without contributing to it at all – this is one of the reasons we started Slacktyde. 

Our designs are created with a real world problem in mind, and then we find an organization that is addressing that problem to receive a portion of the sales. 

This tiger long sleeve tee is perfect for those cooler days, and supports World Wildlife Fund's global conservation efforts. 

All of our designs are created using an iPad and Apple Pencil, making these designs unique to Slacktyde. 

About Tigers

Common Name: Bengal Tiger

Scientific Name: Panthera Tigris

There are only about 2,500 Bengal tigers left in the wild today. Most of their populations are in India, but have smaller populations in China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Myanmar. They can grow to be over 500 lbs and longer than 10 feet. This fierce animal roams a variety of different habitats including mangroves, grasslands, tropical rainforests, deciduous forests, and scrub forests. The biggest threats to Bengal tigers are habitat destruction, poaching, and human conflict. As their habitat continues to diminish, tigers are being pushed to find new territory. Tigers have nowhere to go due to forests and natural grasslands being destroyed for agriculture, logging, and homes. In the search for food and habitat, they often end up in villages where people fear tigers and attempt to fight them. 

The high demand in Asian countries for bones, fur, meat, and other body parts is a huge problem for the Bengal tiger along with other wild cats. Tiger skin is commonly used to portray wealth and is commonly used in decor. There are also some cultures that believe tiger bones have medicinal healing effects when consumed, despite medical research proving otherwise. Unfortunately, this has not stopped the high demand for tiger parts. With the tiger population declining, the more valuable tigers become to poachers and other people that benefit from their illegal trade on the Black Market. Most tigers now live on reserves in India but they are poorly funded and don’t have the necessary resources to employ rangers or fight off poachers. To help support the reserves in India, Slacktyde gives a 10% of the sales for every item sold with the tiger design to World Wildlife Fund.

What organization your purchase supports

World Wildlife Foundation

World Wildlife Fund is committed to doubling the number of wild tigers by securing funds to halt poaching in the 12 most important tiger landscapes, protect tiger habitat, and clamp down harder on illegal tiger trade. In addition to this, the World Wildlife Fund works to secure the large areas of habitat that tigers need to survive long term. Your donation to World Wildlife Fund will help support their global conservation efforts and everything that they do for the tigers. 

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