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We found it difficult to find outdoor nature clothing that we really liked. Most had tacky designs or showcased nature without contributing to it at all – this is one of the reasons we started Slacktyde. 

Our designs are created with a real world problem in mind, and then we find an organization that is addressing that problem to receive a portion of the sales. 

This jellyfish crew neck is heavyweight but not too hot. A very coarse material, this crew neck will soon be your new favorite sweatshirt while helping protect and conserve the Great Barrier Reef in Cairns, Australia.

All of our designs are created using an iPad and Apple Pencil, making these designs unique to Slacktyde. 

About Jellyfish

Jelly have no brains, no heart, and no blood, so it’s pretty incredible to think that they have survived more than 500 million years. More than 100 species of jellyfish have been recorded along the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Jellyfish are a favorite food for the Reef’s marine turtles and often protect small fish that hide in their tentacles for protection. 

Facts about Jellyfish:

• Jellyfish are not actually fish, they are gelatinous zooplankton.

• Their bodies are made up of 98% water.

• Some jellyfish can see. For instance, a boxed jellyfish has 24 ‘eyes’ but only two of them are capable of seeing in color. It is also believed that this is one of the few creatures in the world to have a full 360-degree view of its environment.

• A group of jellyfish are usually called a bloom, swarm, or sometimes a ‘smack.’

• NASA first started sending jellyfish to space on board with the Columbia space shuttle in the earl 1990s to test how they might be along in a zero-gravity environment.


In order to help with jellyfish populations, Slacktyde gives 10% of sales to Great Barrier Reef Foundation.

What organization your purchase supports

Great Barrier Reef Foundation

The Great Barrier Reef Foundation leads the collaboration of business, science, government, and philanthropy, in order to benefit the Reef. They work closely with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to fund priority projects and help protect and restore the Great Barrier Reef. Your donation to the Great Barrier Reef Foundation will help fund their projects, like saving endangered species, restoring precious ecosystems, and more. 

Shipping Information

Created in the United States. We fulfill each order as they come in. After fulfillment, it will take 2-5 business days to be delivered. 

Total time to delivery: 5-7 days.

(Could be longer due to COVID-19 and shipping delays)