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We found it difficult to find outdoor nature clothing that we really liked. Most had tacky designs or showcased nature without contributing to it at all – this is one of the reasons we started Slacktyde. 

Our designs are created with a real-world problem in mind, and then we find an organization that is addressing that problem to receive a portion of the sales. 

This Melting Earth Dad hat looks great and helps Environmental Defense Fund fight climate change and global warming.

All of our designs are created using an iPad and Apple Pencil, making these designs unique to Slacktyde. 

About Global Warming

Global warming has been a hot topic for many years. Temperatures have been increasing on a global scale and we are beginning to see the detrimental effects of temperature changes in our oceans. Coral bleaching is a huge indicator that ocean temperatures are increasing. Coral does best in temperate tropical waters. As global temperature rises so does ocean temperatures. The leading cause of coral bleaching is temperature rise and even a one to two degree increase in temperature can wipe a substantial amount of coral off the planet. Not only are organisms below the surface affected but also natural formations like ice sheets in the Arctic suffer from global temperature rise. As large sheets of ice melts, it causes sea level rise which endangers many little islands and habitats all over the world. In turn, many animals such as penguins, polar bears and other marine animals that rely on ice sheets will lose their habitat. Global warming will only continue, it is time to change and act now.

What organization your purchase supports

Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund work with members of Congress from both parties to resist attacks against America’s bedrock environmental laws. Among their successes, they’ve played key roles in:

• Driving the science and advocacy that led to federal action toward reducing climate-harming methane emissions.
• Introducing a management system that has dramatically reduced the amount of overfishing in the United States.
• Persuading companies, such as Walmart and McDonald’s, to adopt environmentally friendly business practices. 
• Your donation to Environmental Defense Fund has power. More than half of their operating funds come from people like you, who want groundbreaking approaches to protecting the environment.

Shipping Information

Created in the United States. We fulfill each order as they come in. After fulfillment, it will take 2-5 business days to be delivered. 

Total time to delivery: 5-7 days.

(Could be longer due to COVID-19 and shipping delays)